Top 10 Self Employed skills You can Learn for free

Self employed skills

These days a lot of skills are available to learn.However not all skills can be learned for free.

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For this reason, we have decided to write a detailed article on Self employed skills you can learn from the comfort of your home.

The good news about these in-demand skills is that once learn any of them, you will make a lot of fortune from them, without wasting much time writing a long epistle let me proceed to reveal to you the self-employed skills you can learn for free.

10 Self Employed Skills You Can Learn For Free

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing encompasses media management,  promotion of goods and services across different social media platforms.

The main task of a social media marketer is to promote, moderate, and respond to audience comments and inquiries. Social media marketing is a skill that can be learned from the comfort of your own home.

2.Graphic Design

A Graphics designer’s work is mainly to create beautiful designs using images. Graphics design also involves creating graphics for websites or taking freelance projects for newspaper firms.

As a graphic designer who can maneuver a particular design software, you have a good chance of securing jobs from clients and also becoming self-employed.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting remains one of the most sought-after skills in the professional world. It involves the description of reports, executive summaries, and briefs.

A copywriter promotes products and services using professional writing skills. You can learn copywriting skills online and become a copywriter within three to four months.

4. Web-development

The technology era has made it easiest for different brands to have their websites to market their goods and services online. This has given rise to the continuous demanding for web developers, programmers, and app developers.

In the modern world, a web developer is ranked as one of the most valued individuals.

The good thing about web development is that you get to meet different people and learn new different things and also earn a huge amount of money from developing websites.

Top 10 Self Employed skills You can Learn for free

5. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves different marketing strategies, including content marketing, email marketing, paid media.

The job of an internet marketer is to establish a connection by reaching out to consumers in various locations on the internet. It is the best in-demand free skills that guarantee huge income.

6. Android App

Since the introduction of Android phones, it has continued to maintain its position as the largest installed base of mobile platforms globally.

To this effect, the need for hiring more android app developers is on the rise. Android app development is one of the best skills you can learn and be financially stable.

Android app development involves es the act of creating applications for Android-based devices.

You can write android codes using Kotlin, Java, or C++ programming languages using android studio as a platform.

7. Blogging

Aside from blogging using WordPress and other blogging platforms, Vlogging is also a form of blogging that involves video making. This type of video includes tutorial, comedy skit, product review videos, entertainment videos etcetera.

Vlogging is an easy-to-learn skill that involves adequate dedication and commitment.

YouTube is mostly used for blogging making it easier to reach over 1 billion people through this platform. YouTube is ranked as the second-largest search engine after google

8. Coding Skills

Having a sound knowledge of coding sets you apart from ordinary people.

With the vast dependency on technology, coding has remained one of the most valued self employed skills to acquire in the tech world. Every day technology invents new methods of coding.

To learn to code you can start your journey by learning basic Html, CSS, javascript, bootstrap, and then proceed to PHP and then to WordPress. All these can be learned from your comfort zone.

9. Animations

With the recent innovations of different software and applications, you can learn to develop animations if you know how to draw figures and also possess creative ideas on animation objects.

Professional animators get paid a huge amount of money just to create animation videos for products and services.

10. E-Commerce Websites

With the recent growth in technology, a lot of companies have gone beyond selling products offline to online.

This type of skill involves creating E-commerce websites for companies to market their products online.

If you are a business owner, you can also create your website online and sell out your products using this method.

E-commerce website skill, therefore, remains one of the most valuable self employed skills to acquire as long as technology is concerned. This skill pays millions annually to those that have acquired them.


We hope you will choose one of self employed skills, learn it and start making money from it today. One good thing about these skills is that you can learn them from the comfort of your home which makes them the easiest skills to acquire for free.

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