How to start a blog for free and make money 2021

How to start a blog for free and make money


How to start a blog for free and make money is the latest trending search on google. A lot of people want to set up a blog and make money for free and to this effect,  I have decided to share blog ideas that make money.

No matter how saturated blogging has become, there is still a chance to make it online blogging. Read this article to grab all that we have for you concerning blogging.

 I will teach you all that you need to know about blogging and how to make money blogging. So keep reading.

Whether you are a student or a full-time employee, you can start up a personal blog as a side hustle and make money while you continue your vocation. Have you ever thought about starting a personal blog and how to make money from a personal blog? I will cover all this in this article.

A lot of people want to start their blog and make money. In India for instance, there is this search on how to make money blogging for beginners in India, this shows that blogging is a global occupation that requires passion and good writing skills.

For you to start up a blog you need to be a skillful writer and a more patient individual as blogging requires time to manifest, these are some of the criteria that are required to prevail in blogging.

How to start a blog for free and make money

Aside from the patient and good writing skills there also rewards that come with blogging. Some of which include you making money from blogging, people getting to know you as a result of your blog and so many other opportunities that blogging presents to you. Back to our topic on

How to start a blog for free and make money

Starting a blog is not as complex as people think. You don’t need to know about coding to start up your blog. You can set up a blog in one day provided you follow the right steps. Below are steps to set up your blog and make money

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1. Recognize your Niche

A niche is a field or topic you are interested in. For example, you may be interested in the area of business. In this case, it is recommended you choose a business-related niche and then target your audience using this niche. To get the best out of blogging:  it is good you choose a less saturated and less competitive niche.

2. Choose a blog name

Choosing a blog name is one of the most crucial things in blogging. In this case, it is recommended you choose a blog name that is easy to type and at the same time easy to recall. Choosing a name related to your niche leaves you on the brighter side.

3. Blogging platform

This is the most significant because this is where your blogging career will be built on. For new bloggers who do not have enough money to run an expensive blog: it is recommended that you start with a cheap hosting service such as NameCheap. Although there are numerous free blogging platforms I will advise you to go for a paid one as this will boost your blogging experience.

After choosing your blogging platform the next to do is to host your blogging, this is where you get to install your blog on your server and take full control of your blog.

As I earlier stated “you should go for a cheaper hosting as a new blogger” but in a case whereby you are financially stable then go for an expensive hosting to reduce downtime issues

The last thing to do before you start making money from your blog is to give your blog a quality design with SEO-optimized content. By this, I mean that your blog should be well-designed, well-optimized for traffic purposes. Having said this let proceed to the best way on how to monetize your blog.

The fastest way to make money blogging

After setting up your blog and getting good quality posts the next thing that comes to mind is how to make money blogging. It is the dream of every blogger to make money from his or her blog, to this fact, we have decided to list out three methods of earning from blogging.

A lot of bloggers end up becoming frustrated simply because they want to start earning immediately after their blog is set up. This path always leads to frustration. This set of bloggers do not last long in the blogging field.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense remains one of the best ads that pay bloggers every month through their advertising platform. All you need do is to signup for AdSense using this link. If your blog qualifies, Adsense will issue out codes that will be placed on your site and then you get paid when readers click on these ads. A lot of bloggers depend on AdSense as it remains one of the best eating ways online

2. Affiliate Marketing

One of the second ways to make money from blogging is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting the goods and services of companies online and then getting commissions from sales. As a blogger, this is also one of the best ways to make money online.

3. Aside from AdSense and affiliate marketing, you can also sell your products online using your blog as a medium of communication with your buyers. You can also sign up as a publisher for different companies and get paid through their adverts placed on your site. Having shown you the procedures on how to start a blog for free and also make money from blogging. It is time I conclude.


Starting and making money from blogging requires patience, passion, and dedication. There is a reward attached of only you will focus on. Blogging remains one of the best ways to earn a living online. if you wish to contribute: Feel free to use the comment box!

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