High paying Jobs for Teens (Best 10)

High paying jobs for teens

Lots of teenagers for obvious reasons want jobs: some to suppress the challenges that come with boredom and others want to expose themselves to their field, for this reason, they continue the search for high-paying jobs for teens. Teens like adults also want to earn a high salary working.

The goal of this article is for parents to help their teenagers find jobs that will be easy and at the same time, best for them. Read below to know more about these jobs.

Best 10 high paying jobs for teens

1. Server/ Waiter

Servers or waiters are found in restaurants, hotels, bars, and other food establishments that need their services.

Their main occupation is to serve customers by conveying prepared foods, drinks to customers, and they, in turn, collect payments and after the closure of the day’s activities, they may also be needed to clean their work environment.

The salary of a server goes for $12.00 per hour. This type of job is best recommended for teens this summer.

2. Dog walker

They take dogs out for walks and exercise. Dog walkers mainly help dogs exercise and also make them interact with other animals. This type of job will expose your teens to their environments and he or she will learn a lot working as a dog walker.

The salary of a dog walker goes for $14.25 per hour

3. Deliver Service Order

The main occupation of a delivery service order is to deliver the ordered service items to customers.

The delivery service also involves acceptance of payments after delivery, handling of complaints, and proper maintenance of documentation related to the delivery.

A deliverer receives at least $15.10 per hour

4. Tutoring

Tutoring is another form of a high-paying job for teens. The primary duty of a tutor involves tutoring students in areas they find difficult in school and also helping them with their assignments.

If you are also skilled in a particular subject like mathematics -it may also be an added advantage.

A tutor’s salary goes beyond $20.10 per hour

5. Blogging/ Freelancing

Is your teen a skilled writer or does he or she loves browsing the Internet? Then this type of job is for them.

Blogging exposes your teen to a lot of good stuff such as programming, web development, and also coding.

While freelancing helps them to be more skillful in their writing field and also a blogger or freelancer makes above $40 as salary.

6. Construction Worker

This type of job is mostly recommended for teens during their summer break.

Apart from working as a construction worker and earning a salary, it will also help teens that wish to be civil engineers know more about their field.

A construction worker receives at least $14-20 as a salary

7. Youth Sport Referee

Does your teen love sports? Do you know that he or she can make at least $25-30 working as a youth sports referee?

The primary duty of a youth sports referee is to coordinate sporting activities like match coaching and in the end, he gets paid for his services.

8. Baby Sitter

This job best suitable for teens that love babies. A lot of busy parents search for teens that will help them take care of their babies while they are busy, the good thing about a babysitting job is that it easy to get, and it also pays a lot. A babysitter can make at least $15 per hour

9. Cashier

A cashier’s job includes handling the fund register at several locations such as point of sale in a retail store. It also involves ringing up sales, collecting payments, and giving out appropriate changes.

10. Instrumentalist

If your teen is skilled and knows how to play guitar, keyboard, or violin then he may decide to work as an instrumentalist playing for bands or other organizations that needs the service of instrumentalists. The good side of this job is that teens will get to know famous musicians and actors and they will also be paid for the service rendered.


I believe that parents will help their teens select one of the best jobs from the list of high-paying jobs for teens. Most of these jobs help teens that wish to become financially independent and also wish to learn more about their environment and also be exposed to various stuff that will be of great benefits to them.


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