This article is on how to effectively prepare for Jamb 2021/2022 upcoming examination.

There are no hidden secrets to passing jamb aside from the normal known secrets that will be shared in this article.

Aside from IJMB and other exams that enable one to gain admission Into any tertiary institution in  Nigeria, Jamb has become one of the major factors in securing admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria, which is why jamb has become one of the competitive exams to write in Nigeria.

Jamb is one of the most competitive exams to write due to the increasing number of candidates seeking admission every year. Every Nigeria’s student dream is to write Jamb once, pass, and secure admission to study their desired course. For this reason, we have decided to write on

 How to effectively prepare for Jamb   2021/2022

Below are tips on how students pass Jamb in one sitting

1. Develop a focus mindset

developing a focused mindset is the best antidote you need to effectively pass Jamb. one of the reasons why most students fail Jamb is double-mindedness and fear. Learn to be courageous and also eliminate the fear of failure.

2. Desire a high Jamb score and work towards it

This should be the goal of any serious student. Aim for a high Jamb score and work towards it without looking back, as this would help you be more dedicated in preparation for Jamb. Know your chosen school cut-off points and work towards it. A good student is expected to score nothing less than 250 in Jamb

3. Early preparation matters

The best way to pass Jamb effectively is to start the preparation for Jamb early. One of the mistakes most Jambites make is waiting and relaxing a month or two weeks to Jamb before they start reading. This is very bad! If you desire to write and pass Jamb once, then you should start your Jamb preparation early enough.

4. Use the delayed gratification method

We know you’ll love to have fun, hang out with friends and all that, but this is not the time! It can be rescheduled for a later date or time. Learn to put pleasure aside and study effectively to pass Jamb once. Things that are not necessary shouldn’t occupy your time. It’s better to write and pass Jamb once than joining the queues of those registering jamb the second time.

5.Get the recommended textbooks and also, do not forget the use of past Questions: as this will go a long way in helping you become more familiar with Jamb questions and also answer them without stress.

6. Create a reading class or  study with other Jambites

Creating a reading class or studying with other jambites will enable you to learn more or become familiar with what you already know. Aside from that, you will learn a lot of things you do not know when you study with others. While studying with others, learn to ask questions when you don’t understand or confuse about something

6. Create your time table

Aside from group readings, it’s also good you create your reading time table to have enough time to revisit all you have read so far, this act is recommended for every Jambites out there.

7. If possible, avoid cramming. Understanding matters.

Although, cramming takes a lot of repetitive effort. It is not okay for some who wish to comprehend. Avoid cramming if necessary. It is better to understand what you have read than cramming just to pass

8. Seek advice from mentors

Seek the guidance of those that pass through the same road you are about journeying through. If possible, make them your coach and mentors. And always do what they told you.

9. Avoid stress and anything that would make you lose focus. Learn to sleep at the right time, it is better to spend your whole day studying and then sleep comfortably at nights, this will help you to remember all you have so far studied.

10.when you are in the exam hall, be time conscious; do not spend time on questions you don’t know. Move to the next question when you don’t understand a particular question, you can come back later to answer the skipped questions.

Shun any form of examination malpractice. Do not be found wanting. Involving in examination malpractice has its penalty


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