Side hustle refers to offline or online work one can do aside from their pay job (salary).

Side hustle for college students simply refers to works that college students could do to earn money while schooling. One good thing about a side hustle is the ability to be financially independent while in school.

A side hustle is a good way to make money for students who wish to solve their financial issues while in college. has decided to write on 12 side hustle for students in college. This we have categories into three categories which include:

  • Side hustle for college students
  • Good online side hustle for students

 Side hustle for college students

1. Teaching Service 

This is a good and recommended side hustle for college students as this would go a long way in solving your financial crisis and also expose you to different schools and individuals if you know what you are into. you can become a home teacher or teach as a part-time tutor in any School or teach your fellow students and get paid. The good aspect of this hustle is that it only requires good teachable skills to start as no capital is needed.

2. Laundry/Dry Cleaning

This type of side hustle requires little capital to start. Many people or fellow college students who are engaged in one activity or another would need the service of a good washer who will be able to wash and iron clothes for them and in the end, they pay them for their services, this is a good side hustle for college students as not much capital will be required to start this service.

3. Photography

Good photography skills and a good camera is all you need to start a photography side hustle. One or two events will hold and would require a photographer to capture moments. As long as you are known for good services as a photographer, you will enough money to solve your financial issues while in college.

4.Event Planning Service

Become an event planner and earn good money planning events. The services or job of an event planner requires handling businesses for an event. This is one of the highly recommended side hustle as you”ll earn a lot doing this type of job.

5.Barbing/Hair Dressing

If you know how to barb or plant hair, you can start this side hustle while in college. Men and Women can not do without bathing and plaiting their hair. This side hustle is not difficult to set up. With a little capital, you will be able to rent a space and buy what you need.

6. Car Washing

The car washing side hustle is a lucrative business to start while in college. If you master the art of washing customer cars effectively you will attract other people who will patronize you as they will need you to wash their cars also.

Good online side hustle for students

1. Resume Writing Service

Unemployed people that seek jobs sometimes require the service of a good individual to write them a good resume, this is where you come in. All that is required is to reach out to these individuals offering to help them in writing and pitting a good resume together and in the end, you get paid for your services.

2.Freelancing Writing

If you are gifted or familiar with the creative usage of words, you can start freelancing service writing services for organizations and individuals. Article writing, copywriting is all part of freelancing services, you could be a writer for newspaper firms and individuals. Your pay on this type of side hustle will be based on your agreement with the company or individual. To secure this type of job, you must have a good portfolio of previous works done to prove your ability to write well.

3. Blogging

This is another job for college students. For students that have access to a good laptop, data, and can write well, this is recommended for you! All you need to do is to buy a good domain and hosting (server) and you are good to go. You can research and choose low competitive niches to write on. Some good niches include education, tutorial, entertainment to mention but three.

4.Online Advertising Service

This is another aspect of side hustle for college students. If you are media-savvy and you know more about online advertising then you’re good to go. This type of service includes video advert production and running of Google ads.

5. Social Media Managing Service

This type of Job requires posting and handling website content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. Reach out to firms and top people that require someone to manage and handle their social media accounts.

6. Website designing and programming

If you are good at web designing and programming then this is for you! Individuals and organizations pay a lot of people thousands of money to build and create websites or apps for them, so if you are a good programmer or know about web design you can start this side hustle.


We have written so far written on 12 side hustle for college students We believe you will choose from and start earning while in college. What are your thoughts on this? Use the below comment box to tell us what you feel about this post


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